Monday, December 15, 2003


Well buy now you have heard about Saddam being captured.

A few comments.

I think that this puts Bush in a very strong position going into the 2004 election. Now he can take the criticism he has gotten and show certain results.

For example.

The economy was bad, but you gave me and my administration time and we fixed it.
You let me attack Iraq and the armed forces and I eventually got the leader of that country.

Other future possibilities are
You gave me time and I captured Bin Ladin.
You gave me time and I have lessened troops and handed over Iraq back to the Iraq people.
If you give me time, I will do so much more.

I mean the only ways you can really critique Bush is buy saying that he could have done it better if he had done it this way.

But unfortunately, most people don't care how you do something as long as when you say that you are going to do something you actually get results.

To argue about the very high level methods, when most don't know the details or the issues involved is fairly useless.

This is America where results matter, so Bush has got quite a score card and more experience than any other opponent. If he can get few more points knocked out he will have 2004 won easily.


Give me time, I am working on it. Is really all he has to say

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