Friday, December 19, 2003


Seeing France's continual commitment to banning religious symbols in schools is interesting.

I am curious to see what would happen if they pass the ban.

Could it piss off the right Muslims just enough so that they would get a nice little suicide bomb as a present?

I would say that situation is a possibility.

Especially given this story.

It appears that although al-Qaida cell organization appears to offer many benefits, it also has some drawbacks.

One being, cells have the ability to harm the overall organization by not seeing the big picture, and the daddy cell cannot do anything about it. I think this could happen in France (although it is not very likely).

For something like that to happen in France you would need a cell to be fairly radical, not very bright, and bad at following orders.

If they attacked Turkey, they would attack other countries. Raise you hands if you think France is more likely to be attacked by radical Muslims after they pass the ban.


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