Friday, December 05, 2003

Help the great society is dying,2933,104763,00.html

I can't believe this, the republicans want to allow me to put money I would normally give to the government into the stock market for long term growth. They want me to actually own the money and take personal responsibility for the cash that I make, instead of just giving the money to the government and watching them waste it and/or use it to help others.

There is one catch: I will have to work to produce the cash...

Additionally, one thing the republicans have failed to point out is that by the stock market has been the best investment over the last 100 years. They also failed to point out that if I were to invest the cash instead of putting it into social security, I would have had a better return on investment.....Wait a minute

Hey, maybe the slow removal of the great society is a good thing.


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