Friday, December 12, 2003

The UN is at it again

Well this is a quote from the above article.

The WSIS does not ignore details particular to the Internet. Paragraph 34 deals with spam and cyber-security indicating they should be dealt with at "at appropriate national and international levels." As for pedophilia and child pornography, those abuses should be prevented by "all actors in the Information Society," who also must tackle "acts motivated by racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, [defamation of religions] and related intolerance, hatred, violence--and trafficking in, and exploitation of, human beings."

I agree that many of the things that the WSIS wishes to prevent should be eradicated from the earth. I am really concerned with a few statements such as "must tackle "acts... , xenophobia, [defamation of religions] and related intolerance"". sounds like the UN is telling me what to think.

I feel that if I want to be intolerant of a religion, of any few religions, or all religions, I should be able to do that. I can write or say whatever I want about religion (via newspapers, internet). I can even preach my particular brand of soul saving rhetoric and decry any that would be a threat to my religion. But I cannot make people believe what I want them to believe by force, blow others up (although you should have the right to blow yourself up as long as it does not infringe in the rights of others to not get blown up), or harass them continually mentally or physically.

Racism is bad, but if a person wishes to spread that particular mind filth around what can you do about it. As soon as the racist becomes a racist with a gun and political agenda, they should be shot by the race they hate (just to add a bit of irony to life).

I was wondering if the UN would also shut down sites that say the UN sucks.

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