Wednesday, December 24, 2003


I have just wasted close to three days of my life not moving, not thinking, and not eating too much, thanks to the bend-you-over-and-squel-like-a-pig-flu.

A detailed outline of how i was striken.
Hopefully this will give you insight on how to avoid the same fate as me.

8 AM
I feel fine for a friday

11 Am
I feel noticably worse than i did when i woke, and i realized that i was getting sick.

I should have sought emergencay treatment at this point in time.
They have a durg called amantadine (a-MAN-ta-deen), which it is commonly used to prevent or treat the flu. It may also be used to treat symptoms of parkinson's disease. Had i known that his drug existed, i would have become very good friends with a pharamist and would always have these little babies lying around. But oh well.

4:30 pm
We got off of work a little early, and i went home to play video games as usual. I quite playing at 10 and i was running chills by this time.

10:00 pm
stop playing video games because i felt like crap. Although normally i would have3 to 4 more good hours in me.

Some point in the night i decide to take my temperature or it could have been early the next morning.
It was hanging around 102.9.
This was the highest that my temp got that i remember, because i started taking durgs to bring it down.

I really don't remember much detail, but i learned that if you take two medacations and stagger them you have better results with you fever. Also, just going to sleep might seem like a good idea, but someone has to take your temp so that you want die. I have not come up with a good solutiion for that yet.


i decide that i am hungry enough and that food in my apartment will not sastify me anymore so i go buy a large sandwich from a sandwich place near me.
I shower and move very slowing until i an dressed

I come back and start to eat, the guys at the place must have thought that i was a jerk. I just kinda stared and gave half mumbled answers.


I decide that i must go see a doctor or that i will die.

go to doctor's office get powerful mind numbing drugs. Feel good a bout life again, although i get winded walking up the stairs to my apartment.

move to floor because the couch and the bed are conspiring against me. It is obvious they are the only ones who gain by me being sick.

and remember Amantadine is the drug you want. Ask for it by name.
Note: if you are pregant it make you kids look like alf from the show alf

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