Thursday, July 21, 2005

AIDS and Africa

Religion has ripped apart the Dark Continent. The conversion of millions of Africans to Islam and Christianity has forced out the traditional health care worker of these people, the Witch Doctor. Shamans, Voodoo Priests, and Witch Doctors are all seen as blasphemous and evil to most organized religions. However, it was these very people that once were able to contain or cure diseases as varied as HIV, hepatitis, and ebola. The Abrahamic religions have displaced these people and failed to provide the plentiful and wonderful miracles described in their holy books. Their churches and synagogues also fail to train any replacement doctors or nurses to care for these people. I think you can trace the demise of Africa back to the influence of these religious conversions. Had anyone heard of any of these diseases prior to the arrival of Christians and Muslims? I think not. Please Witch Doctor, come back and save Africa before it is too late.

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