Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Knock, Knock

(This story happened awhile back, but I figured I would share anyways. I learned a few things about myself and the world.)

So my girlfriend, Stewardess, was coming to visit. This means going though the usual routine of cleaning everything at my apartment. Things get squeaky clean when she comes around. I normally go all out, cleaning every available surface I can think of at the time. I am normally behind schedule and running late. This time around I was running on schedule until I decided I had time to watch a movie.

After I watched a movie I then decided that I still had some more time to kill, so I gave stewardess a call. After talking to her for awhile, I decided that I need to finish the cleaning I had started. This required running a vacuum at around 11:00 pm. (I live on the second floor, so I know people could hear me.) I finished everything and was enjoying the heavy chemical smell as I was about to fall asleep.

Then I heard a knock on my door. I do not get knocks on my door. People normally do not come to visit me. When they do, I know about it, and it is seldom very late. The first thing I did was grab the gun from my nightstand, unholster it, and quickly and quietly run from my bedroom to my door. In about four soundless steps, I was at my door. I called out to the unexpected visitor. I was standing to the side of the door. The person on the other side of the door said hello and something about her phone dying.

At that point I realized I did not have any pants on. So I told the person to wait a minute. I went back to my bed room, put on some pants , stuffed the holstered gun in the small of my back, and went and opened the door. It was my next door neighbor and somehow her cell phone had died. She had just canceled her land line, and she was expecting some visitors. She needed to borrow my phone. As she was making her calls, I checked out her phone and achieved nothing.

Things I learned
1) Bad guys normally do not knock
2) I am really paranoid.

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Yishai said...

heh, cube. Better safe than sorry. My wife rolls her eyes whenever she finds out that I was carrying on a simple trip to the mall, etc. But isn't that the point of carrying? To be prepared when the unexpected comes? Oh, and I feel you should always answer the door pantsless and armed, even during the day. It makes for a more movie-like life :) In fact, I tell people at my door to hold on, just so I can take my pants off.