Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Global Warming?

I have an unpopular view of global warming. I generally don't hold America responsible for it. It's true that the world has become slightly warmer in the last 150 years. It is also true that the world goes through long cycles of naturally heating and cooling. Anyone that doesn't believe this should watch Ice Age. It is also true that some glaciers and ice caps are shrinking. But it is also true that the ice sheet covering Antarctica is growing, and the continent is getting generally colder. A recent article in Science magazine would have you believe that Antarctica's ice sheet is shrinking, but their entire article focused on the Antarctic Peninsula, which makes up around 4% of Antarctica's landmass. The scientists that did the actual study say that the continent is getting colder overall, and are puzzeled by the warming of this one area. I don't see how "global" warming is only affecting some areas, or how we can be expected to become panicked by their observations. Other global warming mascots are the recently increasing numbers of hurricanes and tropical storms. However, a meterologist will tell you that the increse is part of a natural 30 year cycle. The storms will start to decrease again soon. Others point to the increasing El Nino effect in South America, but recent studies have linked this localized warming to geothermal vents in the ocean off the coast of South America. The fact is that hard evidence supporting the Greenhouse Effect theory does not exist, and most people aren't willing to pay for significant increases in their energy bill to fight it.

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