Sunday, July 31, 2005

Land of the Dead

I recently watched a pirated version of George Romero's new Land of the Dead. Keeping in mind that this is the legendary zombie master that brought us Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, I have to say that I was disappointed. The basic premise of the movie was good. People now live in fortified cities to protect themselves from the wandering legions of zombies. But the zombies are evolving... But he just didn't do a lot with that. However, he did bring up some good things to think about when you are making your zombie survival plan. What would you do if zombies learned to cross bodies of water? Your impenetrable island is suddenly vulnerable. What would you do if zombies developed a crude means of communication? Even simple plans can make a zombie legion much more dangerous. What would you do if zombies began to use tools, even firearms? Your best bet after fortifying your position is to take an agressive stance against the zombies. Consider using large scale fires to cleanse an entire area. Observe your foe and take them out before they can gain an advantage. Overall, the movie was a good twist but not much else.

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Lady Arden said...

Well, a houseboat still seems practical. The Zombies could walk under the water, but they could not swim. This movie was supposed to be focusing on the disparity between rich and poor and how the sides trat each other in difficult times -somewhat like in "Soylent Green".
What I'm annoyed about is no one ever wears armor. Zombies are only human, they do not have sharp armor-penatrating teeth.
Sorry you were dissapointed, but these movies are social commentary, they are not monster horror movies. Zombies are not undefeatable mighty beasts, they are annoying and slow and a nusiance in numbers, but the focus is on how people treat each other, not on the evolution of super-undead.