Friday, July 01, 2005

Zombies are the best

Zombies (here and here), vampires (also here), and werewolf’s have been a topic that has been well discussed here at sandcastles and cubicles.

In "Why I dislike zombies?", I complied the case on why I dislike zombies. Sandcastle them struck back with his view on why zombies are not so scary in "Scary Zombies?". He then further upped the ante by stating that "Vampires are kings of the undead." (or that they are better than zombies).

The case that vampires are better than zombies seems fairly clear cut. They are stronger, smarter, faster, have longer life spans, speak English (or any other language), and can work together in complicated ways to take over mans civilization. They can even use mans greed to his disadvantage. Once you dig deeper into the differences several differences become apparent.

Zombies - Civilization killers
If you have a zombie attack they will destroy your civilization, whereas vampires will seek to take it over. The preference in my mind is trivial, as your choices are either to live in a post apocalyptic zombie world or as a vampire's slave. If you are lucky, you can either become a warlord in the new world or a favored slave. The differences are not trivial, in the best of cases slaves can revolt, where as rebuilding a civilization is much harder than throwing off the shackles of slavery.

The above point was the only rhetorical weapon against sandcastles argument that vampires are better, until recently. Once I truly understood zombies, the absolute supremacy of zombies was clear. I them promptly forgot about the new knowledge I had gained until I read this Say uncle post, which had nothing to do with zombies.

Mindless undead vs. mindful undead
Vampires need humans to survive and are afraid of death, zombies need humans to survive but do not know this fact, do not care about this fact, or completely disregard this fact. This results in vampires having a goal, whereas zombies only have the hunger they are trying to stop. While vampires are much tougher to beat, they are mindful that they do not want to destroy their food source. This distinction makes zombies worse than vampires.



Lady Arden said...
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Lady Arden said...

I love Zombies. You can't reason with them, you can easily distract them, you can keep them as pets to keep doing routine tasks. :) You can walk right past them and club them in the head. Zombies do have numbers though, but a smart person will eaily live.

Why did none of the humans in the 4 George A. Romero zombie movies, ever learn that a human bite is not that powerful and can be prevented with protective clothing/armor. Humans can't easily bite through even denim, and yet the zombie fighters ran around with exposed body parts. Too bad the humans didn't learn and adapt as quickly as the zombies did.