Saturday, July 16, 2005


Several well respected bloggers have called for Rove to...Well...Rove right on out of that right wing white house ( here, here, and here).

first Rove broke no laws, even if (and that is a big if) he told a reporter that the chick in question was a CIA agent directly on very late rainy night. From what I have read and heard is that it is against the law to expose a CIA agent who has been in the field in the past five years. In 2003 it had been more than five years Valerie Plame had not worked in the field in five years. I will repeat: Rove broke no laws, but if he did directly expose Plame, then he broke the law in spirit and he should go (man it sucks when the liberals are right.)

Now today they entire things is dropping to the level of a he-said-she-said domestic dispute. All we have now is Rove "recounting" what he talked about with Novack and Cooper. We have one email that Rove sent to Cooper, but that was after Novack's article.

I do not know what happened, but I can tell you that it seems like the dems have scored some major points on this issue, whether or not those points where true or valid.


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