Saturday, March 12, 2005

Vampires - the kings of the undead

A vampire invasion would be much more difficult to fight off than a zombie invasion. Vampires are not too bad when they arrive in your neighborhood alone and you are aided by the few priests that would rather fight undead than molest altar boys. However, in large intrenched vampire communities like the ones presented in Underworld, Blade, and even Buffy you have practically no chance of winning. Your only hope is an ultra-powerful vampire hunter. And they don't sell those at Super Wal-Mart. In large groups, vampires use their intelligence and long life spans to conspire to overcome their inherent weaknesses. They blend easily into human societies, and then there is always the one super vampire that is bound to pop up. Unlike zombies, vampires are completely unstoppable to the average person using any widespread or common technology. Even if you do find a way, in the end you will find out that the only person you could trust was just turned into a vampire themselves.

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