Thursday, March 03, 2005

As a side note....

I have an idea that will change the way some American schools are ran. At my high school the bell would ring, all the students would get up to go to their next class. We would fill the halls with our lazy butts, laughing, fighting, running, and basically doing things that we shouldn't.

My revolutionary idea is to have the teachers go from class to class, instead of the students. Several advantages of this paradigm become apparent. For one, the halls can be much smaller, because not as many people will use them. This will save money in construction cost and heating and cooling costs.

Secondly, you can group kids by their learning style, such as all the dumb kids can be in the same room all day long or rather all the kids who learn better visually could be together and the teacher could adjust their teaching style accordingly.

Thirdly, the time in between classes could be reduced. Since the halls will be less crowded the teachers can run instead of walk, which will allow the school to make maximum use of the students time.

Of course the students would be allowed to go to the bathroom when needed, but they would have to have a hall pass and hold their hands above their heard so that the hall snipers will know they are not trying to escape. If they run, the dogs will instinctively attack, so the kids will have to walk slowly.

If i remember correctly, this is how the Japanese teach their students.



Angel said...

Send the snipers and the dogs down my way. Need to evoke a little fear into the monsters.

Cubicle said...

Of course i hope that your realize that you will have to evade the sinpers and the dogs also when you run from class to class.

You had better stock up on those doggie treats