Thursday, March 17, 2005

Psychological Experiments

I have been in a weird mood recently. I have classified it as a form of information overload. The symptoms include, but are not limited to, stress, feeling the need to search out intellectual stimulation and at the same time not wanting to feel the need to search for intellectual stimulation. You end up mindlessly clicking on all of you favorite blogs, reading and rereading the posts that were written that day, listening to talk radio, and reading the news constantly throughout the day. You hunger for news and information and it does not satisfy.

So stewardess, came up with the great idea of just cutting myself off from the thing i seek most - Information. So at 10:30 last night, i stopped reading blogs, the news, and was not allowed to listen to talk radio. Works of fiction and entertainment are ok.

On the way to work, I listened to the flaming lips and that was relaxing. Then almost as an omen reinforcing that I was moving in the right direction, i noticed something strange as I was driving. I may have not noticed this oddity if my mind was engaged in analyzing, assimilating, and categorizing the news i was listening to. The was an MLGW (Memphis Light, Water, and Gas) truck and on the tail gate it had a message telling me to use my energy wisely with a picture of a thermostat in the background.

Which, that by itself is a little odd. They make their money by selling power and they want you to have the lowest bill possible. What really struck me was the TWO flashing lights that were active on the truck for no apparent reason. The lights are there so you can see the truck if it is parked on the side of the road, not so you can see the truck as it is driving. They were telling me to use my power wisely by turning down my heat in my house, but yet the trucks caution lights were on wasting power. Which i know the truck is not pulling power from the grid like my house does, but it still stuck me as odd.



Anonymous said...

Ha! It's working already.
As all can see I am a GENIUS!
But also very humble.

Anonymous said...

jerk... i was in my psych class searching for "psychological experiments" on google and your stupid blog came up and i read the entire thing thinking there was some point to it. but there wasnt. what a waste of time. you should do the project for me
-Pissed off Psych student

Cubicle said...

ok....but it will cost you.

in my real job my company charges 150 dollars per hour of my time. I will charge you 75.

also, if you read the entire long did it take you...a few days...a few hours...

And at what point in time did you realize that my blog has ABSOLUTLY nothing to do with your class.

You are pissed at me for writing a post??? You should be mad at yourself because you are not that bright (ed- nice come back i know. I did not want to be to harsh on the Pissed of psych student, because many psych students i know are mentally unbalanced without their meds), though I am sure if you alter the chemicals in you brain enough you will not even know that.

your's truly

Cubicle said...

if i were you i would do my paper on this Psychological Experiment

hell i practially just did write you paper with that one link.

You had better cite my me using MLA format or mention me in the deciations.

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the link... and i was being sarcastic by the way. im still a senior in high school. im actually going to be a music ed major, not a psych major. but good try. im just taking psych as an elective class. you inspired me to write my paper on psychopaths and sociopaths. i read your entire blog because i was bored and there were no interesting experiments that i could find on my schools slow computer.
~now bored, but not pissed off, "music student"

Cubicle said...

i was no kidding.

I still will do you assignment for a small medicore fee.

Anonymous said...

dont need anyone to do it for me since im so smart and all... we should date