Wednesday, March 16, 2005

24 round up

I will have the body count posted for 24 later on tonight. I left the numbers at home and was unable to update the post during work. I also have a spreadsheet at work where i am keeping the numbers and that will need to be updated also. I forgot to post anything last week, because there were no kills and i was sick.

I would like to nominate Jack for the kill of the season. It was when he killed the merc leader. It was a knife to the base of the skull. That was easily one of the best kills all season. So far none have compared.



Yishai said...

Hey Cube,
I agree with you on the knife kill - pretty neat, but I had trouble believing that Jack could hide in a noisy clothing rack and still sneak up behind the commando. Those racks squeak like hell!
In any case, I look forward to your body count, this past show will be tough (6 commandos outside the sporting goods store)

What was your take on the Arabs owning the store? Was it a little cheesy? The scripted lines were definately cheesy, but I think it was a good move to have some Arabs fighting back against the Arab terrorists. To deny the fact that there are Arab terrorists would be sticking your head in the sand. But Fox did well in acknowledging that there are Arabs who disagree with terrorism.

Cubicle said...

You doubt Jack, then you do not know Jack.

Though to make a more realistic point, their was a lot of gunfire, and if he was able to get hidden during the noise no one would notice.

Secondly, guns are loud enough to make you ears ring and disturb you hearing at some of the lower levels, so It might have been possible. I mean a normal comando would not have been able to do it, but Jack was able to.

To the will get an idea once i post kill list.

But i think Fox threw the arab community a bone. They can make additions and substractions from the script very easily. In fact, they probably have not filmed the last show yet. It could have been planned from the beginning of the show, but i think they threw it in their last min to pacify some of the people who critize.

Kinda like the public service announement Kefier made earlier in the season.