Saturday, March 19, 2005


I have watched several movies worth mentioning either because the quality of the movie itself was an addition to our society or because it was an abuse against basic human rights.

I watched Navy Seals, with a young Charlie Sheen. It tried to be a knock off the ever popular movie Top Gun which had came out four years earlier. Navy seals had one good looking actor, some solid 80's background beats, and the rough and tumble macho attitude. In the end, the bad writing and the 80's background beats, killed this early 90's movie. I was surprised at how bad this movie was. I have seen plenty of Steven Seagal movies, but those are of a certain quality that you come to expect.

This movie i knew would be bad, i expected and was prepared for the worse. It surprised me by actually being better than i suspected in over all quality. Though that fact only lowered my over all rating of the movie. This movie was made bad not by the acting, not by the lines, and not by the story, but by the fact that they were trying to make a good movie. They failed in their attempt. This movie was bad because of they failed to accomplish what they set out to accomplish, another Top Gun type hit.

With some friends the other night i watched: Three 6 Mafia: Choices - The Movie. If you feel the need to bond with your drugged out, convict, gansta neighbors, then this movie is for you. The acting was bad, the sets were worse, and the directing was the worst. I can handle bad acting, cheap sets, but i cannot stand poor directing. This movie had some of the worst shots i have ever seen. The would do straight on face shots with no movement of any kind. I do not know if substandard film was used or if the the fool behind the camera did not know what made "motion pictures" interesting. Just because you know how to work a camera, that does not make you a director.

This movie was bad, but succeeded in what Three 6 mafia set out to do. They get loads of points for realism and grit, but not many on style. This movie is so beloved in Memphis that best buy about 5 miles west of me (toward the city of Memphis) stopped carrying this movie because it kept getting stolen. I guess it feels good to be loved, even if no one cares enough to pay.

On my own i watched Miller's Crossing, and i have spend the past few days try to think of ways to explain this movie in one sentence. So far i have come up with, "A thinking man's mob movie" or a "Dark caper film". Either one applies well. This was one of the best movies that i have seen in quite a long time. It is up there with some of the best ones i have seen...Period.

I absolutely loved this movie. It was made in 1990, so i missed it, but I am glad i got this one out of the 5 day rental section. The movie follows our friend Tom, while he plans and schemes his way out of trouble. This movie is a must see, but see it with friends so you will have something to talk about. This is one of those movies with a strong enough story to stand on it's own and it holds backh enough information to question the main characters motives. Deciding why some characters did the things they did will provide at least a few hours of enjoyment with you friends.


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