Thursday, March 03, 2005

A point of clarification

I am not really against war, I am against wars that involve me and serve no worthwhile cause. I think most Americans feel the same way. This is my solution. We withdraw all American troops back to the western hemisphere. Not necessarily the US, because some of us prefer Costa Rica. We then draw up a map of troublesome nations. This can include anyone that has received negative media attention in the past three years. North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Nepal, etc. Instead of launching global wars, the US will return to its pre-WWII role as an isolationist nation. To deal with these problem countries, we will engineer wars using existing regional tensions. For example, look at Israel. Thousands of people have spent fifty years trying to hold together peace between Israel and its neighbors. If the US put its mind into destroying peace they would be at war in a month. Let nuclear-capable Israel invade Syria and deter Iran from building weapons. We will sell them whatever they need. Then move on to Pakistan vs India. Both are densely populated nuclear capable nations. This will help control global population growth. Pick your pony, or sell weapons to both. Then we can start turning North Korea and China against each other. China will completely wipe out North Korea, but that is not a bad thing. And if the North Koreans do have ICBMs equipped with nuclear weapons they might take out a little bit of China. The key is to distribute military technology in such a way that these conflicts are short and decisive. In the meantime, we can use our warhawk profits to balance the budget and build up defensive systems. Everyone wins. Or gets wiped from the face of the earth.

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