Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Comments become entire blog posts

This comment was left in respons to this post Psychological Experiments

jerk... i was in my psych class searching for "psychological experiments" on google and your stupid blog came up and i read the entire thing thinking there was some point to it. but there wasnt. what a waste of time. you should do the project for me
-Pissed off Psych student

My reply is as follows it is in the comment section.

ok....but it will cost you.

in my real job my company charges 150 dollars per hour of my time.

I will charge you 75.

also, if you read the entire long did it take you...a few days...a few hours...

And at what point in time did you realize that my blog has ABSOLUTLY nothing to do with your class.

You are pissed at me for writing a post???

You should be mad at yourself because you are not that bright (ed- nice come back i know. I did not want to be to harsh on the Pissed of psych student, because many psych students i know are mentally unbalanced without their meds), though I am sure if you alter the chemicals in you brain enough you will not even know that.

your's truly


if i were you i would do my paper on this Psychological Experiment

hell i practially just did write you paper with that one link.You had better cite my me using MLA format or mention me in the deciations.


Anonymous said...

don't psych classes uas APA format?

Sandcastle said...

Another good experiment to measure the effects of alcohol on reaction time. Spray a sample of sober people in the nuts with a cold shot of endust. Get a friend to record how long it takes them to beat your ass. Then do the same thing with a group of drunks. Compare the average times. For extra credit, you can measure the severity of the beatings and comment on alcohol's role in making people more violent. By the way, what kind of experiment where you going to do that involved building sandcastles in cubicles?

Cubicle said...

as to the mla format issue, i have no idea i was a compter science major