Friday, March 18, 2005

I think i ruined that guy's day

Well, a funny thing happened on the way from work yesterday. I was going to a friends house and to get there you have to make a left turn on a busy street. There are two options for doing this. Use the street with the red light which you will get stopped at, but you will get through in a set amount of time or use the street where you have to turn left on your own. I always use the street with the light because it is always faster. Yesterday i was driving and I was at the point that i make the decision of which street to use. For some reason i decided to use the street without the light. I could see the end of the street without the light. No cars were going past and no cars were turning in. It tempted me into giving it a try by presenting a barren empty street.

Well....By the time i arrived at the end of the street there was a line of cars going past me and two cars trying to turn into the street I was trying out of. I was screwed and i knew it. I was ok with that, though. I had made my decision, i gambled and lost. So I sit there and wait on the first car to turn into the street i was turning out of. I know that he passed up at least one good chance to turn. The first car trying to turn into my street finally makes the turn. "Only one more car to go", I say to myself.

Well this car does not move. I have no idea what is going on. Was he not paying attention? Is he asleep? (It was dark and rainy.) Is he waiting for me to go? I figure the last option is the most likely. But going when someone else is letting you just to be nice is a risky proposal. You might get your wires crossed and crash into each other. That is why they made up rules of the road. Which this car had the ride-away, and I cannot see the guy because it is rainy, dark, and the beam of my cab is in the way. So i decide to wait and see how long it will take this guy to go.

I have plenty of time. I considered it a test of his problem solving skills. I checked and there was no one behind me. I would inconvenience no one but myself and the other guy. So i sat there for it seemed like for ever, but was probably 45 seconds to 1 min. His car does not move.

Then several things happen at once. A car pulls up behind me and i see the guy in the waiting car waving frantically at me to go. I decide to end this, so i change my blinker from left to right, and turn right. As i turn, the guy turns and yells something at me.

I think i ruined that guy's day.


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