Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ohio election activities and observations (not mine)

Here is a report that i have not seen elsewhere. It detials many of the things that happend in Ohio during the election.

Report to the United States House of Representatives
Committee on House Administration

Representative Robert W. Ney, Chairman

My favorite part of the report was the part qouted below.

"Examples of such intimidation include one Plaintiff who arrived at his polling place and
was called over to a table operated by MoveOn.Org that promised "Free Coffee." The Plaintiff
asked for a cup of coffee, was asked if he would voter for Kerry, and responded that he would
not. The person at the table refused him a cup of coffee. The Plaintiff then noticed that
individual and others were standing near the Plaintiff’s car. When he exited the polling place,
the MoveOn.Org table was placed in front of his car, blocking his exit. When he asked them to
move, the individuals harassed him, took his picture and recorded his license plate."


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