Friday, March 25, 2005

Bullets and Wine

In TN, we are close to have a poor handgun law removed.

"The State Senate passed a bill yesterday afternoon allowing handgun permit holders to carry guns into establishments that serve alcohol provided the person does not consume any alcoholic beverages.

The bill allows restaurant and bar owners to prohibit guns in their establishments so long as there is a clearly posted sign stating the policy. If a person is caught with a gun drinking in an establishment, he or she is subject to arrest and permit revocation.

Current Tennessee law prohibits taking guns into establishments that sell alcohol. A violation of the law is a Class A misdemeanor."

There are two reasons to remove this law. No one really followed it anyways and the people who did where just leaving valuable guns in their cars for people to steal.

Though i found this article: "This isn't the Wild West; guns have no place in bars". It will require registration, but i just used this email from

"The State Senate has passed a bill allowing handgun permit owners to carry their guns into establishments that serve alcohol. You may ask yourself, "Why does a reasonable person need a gun at a bar?" Don't be stupid. The senators know best."

The article continues to make fun of gun owners.

"Here are only a sample of the reasons you should be able to carry your gun to a bar:
* You feel naked without your gun.
* Drunks are easier to shoot.
* When that hot blonde you're hitting on asks, "Is that a gun in you're pocket, or are you just happy to see me?" you can say, "Both!"
* Everyone else is doing it."

"That last one, was a real reason given by the bill's sponsor, Sen. Doug Jackson. Apparently, 33 other states have also passed similar laws. We're not sure that's a good enough reason."

First, is it a good idea to make fun of gun owners? Secondly, I wonder what this editorial board thought of the recent supreme court opinion to ban the execution of teenagers?

Then they really piss me off by quoting Johnny Cash.

"As Johnny Cash said, "Don't take your guns to town, Bill, leave your guns at home." "

Hell, town is where you need you guns. It is the cities where the largest amount of crime happens and where you probably will get shot. What this article fails to miss is that a person with a handgun permit would be able to carry their gun into gas stations and places like applebee's. The ban was on ALL places that serve alcohol, not just bars. Name a place you eat at on a Friday night that does not serve alcohol? Those are the places that could become legal to carry in.

"And if this bill does make it to the governor, he had better veto it. The Senate is pandering to the gun lobby. A vocal minority is trying to make a statement about gun rights. We don't think most people in Tennessee want to go to bars where people are packing heat."

That is why you carry the handgun concealed. What they do not know will not hurt them.

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