Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Supreme public servant

In my previous post, on the subject of the supreme court nomination, I made a few predictions and tried gaming out the moves of the parties involved.

"The dems have to fight and fight hard to even retain the balance of the court."

I stand by that prediction, but it looks like I probably was a little off. A few things kept the outcome turning out like the way I thought it would. The biggest thing that kept a huge fight from happening was Bush thinking one step ahead of the game. He picked an unknown, while this did not take away the will to fight, it took away the ammunition from the democrats.

I think I also underestimated the Democrats will to fight ANY candidate that came though. I think that if he would have appointed a crazy conservative, the fight might have been uglier and more apparent.

At this point in time, it looks like Roberts is going to get appointed and the most there will be is a lot of questions that he will refuse to answer. It looks like bush is going to get a more consistent conservative, but not a strict constructionist.

If Rehnquist can make it to 2007, Bush can appoint who ever he wants because the Democrats will not risk an ugly fight that close to a major election.


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