Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I thought that shorts would be a dumb idea

A while back I mentioned that I had found my next book and my new hero. John Twelve Hawks who wrote "The Traveler". I bought the book a few weeks back and I read it in about 4 days. I really did not have anything interesting to say about the book. I though the idea of the book was great. I thought one of the main characters of the book was a Jack Bauer\trained from birth ninja, which I really liked. Overall I found his writing a little choppy, like he was describing a real event, which after awhile I thought that added to the novel. Another thing I also discovered was the fact that this book was the fist in a series, which is kind of disappointed, because I do not know how to find out when the next book comes out. I was looking for an automatic update system at Amazon when I found this: How We Live Now, an Amazon Short by John Twelve Hawks (Author)

So I am going to force my girlfriend to buy it for me as her now that she is getting internet in her new apartment.

Overall I would say that his book also strengthened my interest in being prepared and learning how to be self sufficient, which has put me into a major preparedness kick.


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