Friday, August 26, 2005

Interesting Unreported information

Sorry I am a little late on this one, but I have been quite busy. I recently read a first hand report of a person Camp Sheehan. Catfish goes into detail on things that he finds suspicious.

I will quickly list some of the things he mentioned.

"Everyone was very well behaved. No one was misbehaving. At the antiÂ’s check in table, there were clear instructions telling everyone to behave and to respect and appreciate everyoneÂ’s point of view even if you disagreed with it."

"The antiÂ’s were very well organized. This was a professional job. I base this on the fact that a good portion of my job is to organize large civic events and I can recognize good organization when I see it. And this event WAS organized. Contrary to what is reported on the news, this is not a spontaneous event."

Well it turns out the protesters have a good bit of help from others like minded rich folks.

"Ben and Jerry's founder pays for PR firm for mother of fallen son"



transientforeigner said...

I came across this today and thought it was an interesting comparison to the "Texican Tattler" review.

Cubicle said...

Just to point out.

The texas tattler was talking about the demostrations in Texas, and the second article seemed to be talking about the demostratin in DC during the weekend.

That could account for the difference, though the texas tattler guy was in the middle of it, while the other guy was watching it on TV