Friday, August 12, 2005

I understand

Source: "A man annoyed by a noisy car alarm fired at least three bullets into a Toyota Camry, silencing the alarm and bringing out police who hauled him away in handcuffs, authorities said."

I understand and feel this guy's pain. Nothing more pisses me off than an alarm that will not go off. One time at my apartment, one went off for several hours. I had time to devise several ways of ending my misery. One of the better ways was to put a rag in the gas tank and set it on fire. I am fairly sure that would solved the problem. General vandalism would have also made me feel better, but would not have solved my problem.

"The owner of the Camry, a sailor whose ship the USS Theodore Roosevelt just returned from an eight-month cruise, was visiting a friend when he heard the gunfire at about 10 p.m. Tuesday, KCAL-TV reported."

If you could hear the gun shots, then that means you could have heard the alarm most likely. Whey didn't you go turn the thing off. As far as I am concerned the car got what was coming to it.


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