Thursday, August 04, 2005

I have to be the smartest person in the world

Odd fact one
Methane eating bacteria on earth.

Source:"Unlike organisms that obtain their energy from sunlight and carbon dioxide, these bacteria get energy from methane and sulfur compounds, which could be seeping from the ocean floor beneath the bacterial mat."

Odd fact two
Methane being produced on mars.

Source:"Methane on Mars may be produced at rates 3000 times higher than previously thought and partially destroyed by dust storms, controversial new research suggests."

Odd fact three
Methane possibly being produced on Titan

Source:"Titan's atmosphere is about 5 per cent methane, and Chris McKay of NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffet Field, California, thinks that some of it could be coming from methanogens, or methane-producing microbes. Now he and Heather Smith of the International Space University in Strasbourg, France, have worked out the likely diet of such organisms on Titan.

My question is what are the bacteria at the bottom of the ocean producing as byproducts? It would really be helpful if they were producing CO2.

When could seed mars with the methane producing bugs, wait until there is plenty of methane and seed mars with the methane eating bugs which would then produce enough C02 over several thousands of years to plant a few trees. Those trees would then produce O2 for humans to breath on mars.

I think that we should start sooner, rather than later, on terraforming mars. If any mistakes are made they will only be fixed though better technology later on. I see no reason not to try to make Mars habitable, except for the crazy environmental idea of leaving things along and pristine. I have a hard time believing that people would care what we did with the mars environment. I think this apathy would give use plenty of time to experiment and get it right.

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Sandcastle said...

You could insert these bacteria into a cow's rectum, thereby reducing methane emissions on this planet.

Cubicle said...

doh, you are right.

here is a link on the GWP (global warming potential) of different gases

As you can see methan has 23 times the global warming potentail of CO2 over 100 years. (if i a reading the lititure right)

Yishai said...

Hah! That's genius! Let's get started.