Monday, August 15, 2005

Fallout Shelters

Zombie invasions may be getting a lot of screen time right now in theaters, but it is not the only world ending threat we face. Nuclear holocaust was a world concern for fifty years before we finally moved on to the undead. We want our blog to prepare you for all apocalyptic events, so we will continue to supply you with the materials you need to plan your own survival. contains a plethora of fallout shelter information. You can download it all for free. We encourage you to not only download it yourself, but go ahead and print out copies and leave them under car windshields. You can also tape them up in elevators and tattoo them directly onto fat people. A well designed fallout shelter could also be used as a safehouse during terrorist attacks of all types, and a as fortress during zombie invasions. Plan ahead. Build your shelter away from major population centers. As a safeguard against global warming, you may also want to build your shelter away from beaches and an areas that lie close to sea level (like Florida). Buying a gas mask and carrying it all times could not only save you from nuclear attacks, but it could save you from the next world consuming plague, or even cooties. Don't delay. Your survival could possibly hinge on these preparations. When the end is upon us, you can open up your shelter to all of the hot girls that wouldn't normally talk to you, and shut out all of those guys that used to steal your lunch money in grade school.

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