Friday, August 26, 2005

A little self-examination

Some of you may have noticed that I tend to go though phases. I went though a phase there were I had lots of posts about guns, handguns to be exact. I went though the election phase and so on and so forth. I think now I will be moving into my next phase. I think that I am going to be reading and consequently writing about surviving the eventual downfall of society. For some reason I find it enjoyable to talk of such things.

As I was trying to collect my thoughts and organize the information I have read and am going to read, I realized that there are different levels of events to prepare for. Which I had a hard time trying to break up the categories, but I think that I have got a good rough draft to show to you. Keep in mind this is just a draft and things might change. I have a few more levels than this page does, but it is basically the same idea.

These are the basic kinds of events to prepare for: Personal disturbance, Local disturbance, National disturbance, Regional (multi-national) disturbance, and Global disturbance.

I hope to flesh out the categories, techniques, and certain ideas I have for dealing with these different levels as time goes on.



Liberal Larry said...

I still have cans of okra left over from the Y2K disaster. I thought about sending it to the food bank, but it's probably only encourage them.

Yishai said...

Cube. Your blog is right up my alley (I think I told you that before, but). I will be reading your posts on survival avidly. I also think that this country and even the world can possibly go to hell in a handbag pretty quickly, and those who are prepared has a better chance of making it out. I read the links from the posts on the military hummmer on a SHTF car (paratus, rivrdog). He and others have quite a lot on survival planning.

I think that, unfortunately, guns (and ammo) will be a major part of preparedness. Keep up the good work.