Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Mars the 51st state.

Well the site that one of the mars rover was once covered in water.

Of course the rest of the world must confirm this before anyone believes it (but geology is a fairly simple science compared to actually getting to Mars, so I am inclined to believe this report.

Of course the next question I naturally ask is: Who owns Mars?

Well think America should get it, we put our robots there first (not really but ours are there now). If any one wants to take it from us, they will have to send bigger better robots to fight ours or mars. An no one really wants to get into a robot war with the US. The have cable TV, they know how mean our robots can be.

Of course to make it livable, we should start terraforming it right now.
Any mistakes that we make at this stage of the game will be fixed later on with better technology.

I want go into any major ideas I have on the subject, but let me just say global warming is the want to go on Mars.

This article only give three way of heating mars, all of which sound far fetched.

The only one that will work is one he did not mention. A plant-like mold or moss of some kind could be used to create methane (or some other greenhouse gas like Carbon dioxide) which would heat mars.

Here is what I was talking about.

Matteia: It has been suggested that this organism might be used to liberate carbon dioxide on Mars and as part of a biogeochemical carbon cycle


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