Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Smart man

As some of you know i have a daily desk calendar which is entitled "Words of Wisdom". The words of divine wisdom are from the dalai lama, although i don't know if the words are offically sancationed.


Here is a recent qoute:
"The roadblocks to a peaceful or happy twenty-firts century are Westren materialism and greed".

Well, Mr. Dalai Lama. I don't see McDonalds's creating WMD's, i don't see Microsoft selling nuclear Technology, and i don't see Wal-Mart killing people when they don't come to work.

When goverments allow business to be free. They innovate, and grow. There were hundreds of thousands of sam waltons in the world. Men who owned their own stores and wanted to make a little more money. There have been thousands of programmers who have aspired to create their own products.

When goverments allow business to be free they cannot control the people as easily, so they are free to pursure they own desires.

The sad thing is the Buddhist monk may belive these things, but they won't ever be aggressive enough to do anything about it.


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