Thursday, March 11, 2004

Everyone makes mistakes

...but this person did screw up big.,2933,113746,00.html

Sherry Hattaway was taking students from Pasco Middle and High Schools in Lacoochee, Fla., home last Thursday afternoon when a four-foot alligator crossed the road and went into a field, reports the St. Petersburg Times.

"Can we catch it? Can we catch it?" asked some of the 11 kids on board, according to Jimmie Scroggins, father of two riders.

Hattaway first said no, then changed her mind and pulled over.

But what is most amazing is that the kids did an great job of catching the animal.

Four boys ran off the bus, hopped a fence, chased the alligator into a mud hole, got it to clamp its teeth around a stick and wrapped its head with their shirts. A fifth boy happened to have a roll of electrical tape handy, which took care of keeping the reptile's jaws shut.

And that is why no country will ever win a war on US soil. May god bless the alligator catching rednecks, because we love them.


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