Friday, March 19, 2004

Exclusive: Real problem with drugs,2933,114494,00.html

America has its fair share of unfair trade agreements. From my POV, America is in the right on this one.
This article, which is from fox, is supporting and extolling the virtues of free trade. It is all the other countries that are screwing up the market.

Because Europe, Canada and Japan suppress drug prices through price controls and other mechanisms, the resources necessarily come from America, which also derives a massive benefit, they argue

If prices are artificially reduced in the rest of the world and the companies are losing money, then in areas of no price controls the price of the goods in question will rise.

Our goal should be to make American drugs tariff free in all countries, and put fair prices on the drugs. America's drug companies will only be able to compete if our drugs are protected from patent infringement, and out products are much better. Although out products may not be that much better now, after our companies are through doing some serious R and D with the profits our companies made, the worlds other countries will just be living off of our patents. Since they are relying on us to protect them, they might as well allow us to heal them also.

We can charge the hell out of them for the medical care though.


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