Thursday, March 18, 2004

Exclusive: Law enforcement and terrorist working together to make our lives hell

And I quote:

In the hour-long interview Wednesday on Onda Cero radio, Zapatero said that "fighting terrorism with bombs ... with Tomahawk missiles, isn't the way to defeat terrorism.

"Terrorism is combated by the state of law. ... That's what I think Europe and the international community have to debate," he said.

Law enforcement officials have failed, I am sorry but that is the truth. The FBI had some of the 9-11 terrorist names, but did not check them out well enough before 9-11. Granted that was in 1983 (or more exactly 1999 or 2000), and things were different (like the paratiot act was not passed, and information sharing was not in style).

The Spanish authorities had a one of the guys name before the 3-11 attacks, which they now have in custody. I realize the challenges the law enforcement officials face and do not blame them for the attacks, hey did not succeed in protecting America, though. I am willing to let the government try something a little new (like taking over a few countries), and see what happens in five years. Once we get to that point we can sit back and do a zero based study of the current situation.

Additionally, I don't know about the Spanish, but I expect the federal government to protect my life from terrorists. Using both laws and some serious high tech weapon-kicking ass. Law enforcement and the army are both tools, and certain tools should be used at certain times.

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