Friday, March 12, 2004

An intresting blog

I don't know how I feel about the man who writes this blog.
The blog is interesting never the less.

     My mixed feeling on this issue stem from the fact this man is more than capable of providing for his self, but chooses to live off of the goodness of others (and the state (he does use the library computers heavily). Would you expect anything less form the cubicle. He does state moral reason for not going corporate. Of course this is the beauty of America, I may not agree with him and he may not agree with me. Yet, he does not have to live by my system and I don't have to live by his.

     Although, I will admit the string desire to go hiking, hitchhiking, and to be homeless for a little while (but that is just because I am lazy, just want to chill, and to see large parts of America). Although, I want to spend large amount of time playing video games too.


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