Saturday, March 13, 2004

Exclusive: The enviorment thing again

Recently, I have realized that most of my material is comments on other peoples material. Or more exactly comments on other's articles.

So in order to distinguish myself in the blogsphere, I have decided to label things as exclusive in order that my material will seem more important.

Now on to the post.
Check this site. I am getting the info from the post from here.

America has the highest CO2 emissions in the world.
America has the highest Electricity consumption in the world.
America has the highest Electricity production in the world.
America has the highest Oil consumption in the world.
America has the highest Oil imports (net) in the world.
America has the most Tractors in the world.
America has the highest Grain/Corn production.
America has the most Airports - with paved runways.
America has the second highest GDP (per capita).
America has the highest GDP.
American has the most Motor vehicles.

I find all of this information very interesting. All the facts are true, and not all of them are good. America is the single largest consumer of products (oil, Electricity) that produce CO2. Co2 is the primary agent responsible for global change (according to scientist who believe that the climate is changing).

The article below I found very insightful.

Economists have generally explained differences in carbon dioxide emissions using per capita income as their gauge, whereby emissions first rise with increasing income but at a decreasing rate. Geographical factors have been largely neglected by economic analysis and were paid little attention in Kyoto environmental summit in 1997.

Big countries with scattered populations have higher emissions than smaller countries with more dense populations.

So in order to test out this new concept I decided to compare America to other countries. But America is so unique that you have to use an entire trading bloc (EU) to come up with any meaningful comparisons.

Basic Statistics 2002
Area, 1,000 Square Miles
EU-15: 1,249.0
US: 3,717.9

We are over twice the size of the EU in square miles.

Population (Millions)
EU-15: 379.6
US: 289.0

They have about 31 percent more people than we do.
289 * .31 = 89.59
89.59 + 289 = 378.59

Population Density/Square Mile
EU-15: 303.4
US: 77.7

They have about 390 percent more people per square mile.
77.7 * 3.904 = 303.3408

Gross Domestic Product (Billions $)
EU-15: 8623.0
US: 10383.1

And finally if nations where comparing penises, they would have to grow theirs by 21 percent to catch up.

Keep these facts in mind when people tell you that America is the biggest polluter in the world.
Europe has half the space to cover than American would with its public transportation system and more people per square mile with their public transportation system. This means cost per mile is much lower. Also cost per person is lower to. The all-important metric of cost per person per mile is greatly lower.

To become smaller polluters we would have to shrink our GDP. Or we could increase our population, so that the government would have the tax inflows to build massive public transportation systems.

As a side note:
I have heard a lot of people compare the amount of taxes America pays to Europe tax rate. This happens when people complain about high taxes. People always say well, the taxes in Europe are higher. Remember when they tell you this, that even though that is true. Our taxes could also be lower (proper auditing, and reducing the size of the government are two good places to start).


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