Thursday, March 25, 2004

Exclusive:Why not an independent Taiwan? the name of this article.

A very interesting article, but he really seems to miss the major point that if American and China are in a war. Millions of people will die to save a relatively small country.

What people should really be concentrating on are ways that Taiwan can gain it's independence. Right now they are China's bitch, and America would like to keep from getting into a very messy war with China. This leaves Taiwan with the option of solving the problem it's self.

Well my idea is to total up the worth of Taiwan. This would be total assets: Land, buildings, economic worth, and China could even put a value on the taxes people would pay. Also economic returns could be estimated for the next 75 years (very poorly though). Then Taiwan should make an offer to buy their selves from the china government. This would allow both to save face. It could possibly take a lifetime for Taiwan to do that, but I don't see china going anywhere (they have not gone anywhere for thousands of years). Taiwan can always stop paying the installments, if they decide that they really don't want their freedom.

With this idea and ideas like it (such as the UN buying the Kurds one Oil field, and letting them make money and buy portions of their country over time.). Many many conflicts could be solved. The Palestine people could buy portions of their land back from Israel. Even buy other parts of other countries, to start another country.

(of course if you care so much about a piece of land that you are a going to die for it, well that is your problem.)
A corporation state could be the next big fad, you never know it could catch on.

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