Monday, November 10, 2003

The Iraqi problem?

I hate all of these armchair diplomats spewing out policy for a war they aren't involved in. Maybe financially, but their asses aren't over here with me. Everything is a little more complicated when you are in the middle. We can't strong arm the Iraqi people and risk enraging 25 million people who already kind of tired of us. At the same time we can't allow a handful of terrorists to blow up another helicopter every week. We didn't have an exit policy when we started this war, and now it is biting us in the ass. A good defensive posture is our best bet. We need to leave as soon as we can, but we need to make sure the job is finished before we pack it up. And that crap about Iraqis not shooting at UN troops is drivel. They have already attacked the UN several times. America is only the most visible target because we are the largest force here. Our allies are attacked indiscriminately. We need to make the transition to Iraqi government as smoothly and quickly as possible and leave quietly. We the war against Saddam. We don't need to start another one against the rest of Iraq.

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