Monday, November 17, 2003

Western mindset

This link is to a recent story about the bombing in Saudi Arabia, and here is a quote from the article. .

"I have the feeling that those who did it can't be Muslims. Why not Americans?" lawyer Fatma Lasheen said in Cairo. "The American Embassy closed the day of the operation. And if not, why didn't they foil this operation if they knew about it? Don't you think it is strange?"

This article proves that the media has a talent for finding idiots anywhere in the world, not just rural areas of America. I will grant Mister Fatma (if that is his real name) these facts. 1) America stands to gain by terrorist organizations losing support in the middle east, especially Saudi Arabia. 2) The American embassy closed on the day of the attack.

I will address number two first. Just because the embassy closed, does not mean America had full knowledge of the attack. Secondly, if we did have full knowledge, you (you equals Muslim) would complain of military action in the holy land, even if we did stop them (Rightly so I believe). I guess we could have sent the American trained Saudi forces after them, but that would require Saudi Arabia taking responsibility for what goes on inside of it's own borders, which seems to be rare these days. It seems to be the style for countries to either blame other countries or get other countries to solve their problems. That was what the first gulf war was about, if I remember correctly. What makes me mad is this: If Americans stopped the attacks the Muslims are mad, if we don't they are mad. That does not make sense.

Now lets take the first statement of the attackers not being Muslims. That may or may not be true. But I can prove it was not Americans.

1) If you have lived in American for any length of time, you realize that Americans are a fairly selfish bunch of people. They work hard (on average more than any industrial country in the world), and reap the rewards of their labor (the average American has a bunch of toys). No "true" American would waste his time to go commit a suicide bombing in another country. Fiscally, it does not make sense.

American suicide bomber:
You will pay me this much...then I will die in a big ball of fire. Cool, I like balls of fire. And my family will be well taken care of. So what are the benefits like?

2) If Americans did not directly participate in the attacks, then our only other options would be to pay Muslims to commit a suicide bombing against their Muslim brothers. I think this options has even less of a chance than Americans doing the work.

In short, the sooner the Muslim world wakes up and realizes the problems it has....the better.


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