Monday, November 03, 2003

Presidential elections

I was doing some reading based on this comment by Michael Moore

"I think it's time we all stood up and started asking some questions of these individuals. The bottom line: Anyone who would brazenly steal an election and insert themselves into OUR White House with zero mandate from The People is, frankly .... Sadly ... Capable of anything... "

website I found

Which it states that bush got more electoral votes than gore (at the very end in the foot notes). It also states Gore's total of popular vote (which is more than bush's for the 2001 elections).
"Zero mandate" is what bothers me about the quote. It appears to me that bush got about 47.9 percent of the vote. Now that is not a majority but a good percentage. So it was not zero mandate.

Also, it would seem that it would be logical to attack the electoral college in addition to the man who used the electoral system to his advantage.

It is sort of like the stock market, when some one gets rich using the system in a way that everyone knew it could be used in, but when it actually happens it seems unfair. Do you take away the guy's money?
No, you just reform the system.

But oh well.

also check out this one. It is a good one.


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