Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Prison system comment

"All I know is if you make prison hell, you will produce demons."
I agree, but what I meant by making the prison hell - was make it a special kind of hell.

In this hell there will be no physical punishment dished out. Actually there won't be much of anything of interest done at all.
The food will be really boring. There will be no books. There will be no physical activity. There will be no work.
There will be very little social activity. There also will be very little noise from machinery and outside interferences. I don't know if a prisoner should be able to visit with others from the outside world. I don't know if letters should be accepted. There will be pastel colored walls. There will just be a lot of sitting by yourself thinking. The goal of this hell will be to make life as simple and boring as possible. The reasoning behind these actions is to not give the prisoners anything to be angry about, and to ease there anger at society (if it exists).

Of course there will be aids to push your thinking in certain directions. Suggestions on the walls, such as society is made up individuals and individuals make up societies. And that individuals need to be responsible to make society work. The suggestions on the wall will list the duties of responsible citizens, and at the end state that you are a individual.

Every prisoner will get a item (plant, cat, dog, or some other kind of animal), to keep alive. The animal will be chosen based on the person personality, likes and dislikes. This is to teach them personal responsibility. If they kill or loss there frist item, they will get another one. If they kill or lose they second, they will be all alone.

Also, if they don't work out and are allowed to eat less that will save the taxpayer a little money. But this prison will be fairly cheap already, which means that we can build more of them, which may or may not be a good thing.


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