Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Men Unite!!

Men, I just want to give you a heads up on what is coming down the road so that you will have to prepare yourself and your arguments against the femme-Nazi in your life.


Just a quote from this article.

They all worked really well and I was able to look at my lab results and see my sperm count drop to zero, says Setlow.

Just so you know that this article is not about the effects of drugs and alcohol, but about a new male birth control method in testing right now. The hormonal contraceptives are used to turn off sperm production.

It seemed like I was getting headaches and then there were times when I woke up sweating at night and I had to change my shirt. Other than that, I did not have any side effects, says 45-year-old Quentin Brown, who lives in Los Angeles and has been a volunteer in a study of MHCs at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, Calif.

I guess the guy forgot to mention the fact that he has no sperm.

Just a few things that I want you to remember.

1. Impotence is impotence even it if it is self imposed and temporary.
2. Women are the only ones working on these studies. The article says that
organizations testing the male birth control don't have any problems finding
male volunteers. They are lying.

Men (this includes any one who produces sperm and does not want to be legally accountable for where it goes and what it produces), we must unite to stop this horrible idea, before our wives are forcing us to use birth control. We must change the current laws of the United States of America to remove the male from all responsibility and have the responsibility totally placed on the women.


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