Thursday, November 13, 2003

Prison system

Damn ... Another good idea shot down.

"would be preferable to let each individual improve (through books, education, and workouts) "
I still feel it is a bad idea for the rapist to get stronger so next time he won't have any problem shutting the girl up.

I don't think the government should pay for their education past high school. Go to school on your own time, not the time society is taking away from you.

Books are good, only if they are read. I don't see how you can get them to read unless they are so bored there is nothing else to do (of course they would have to know how to read before that worked).

I would prefer instead of improving their selves in prison, that prison gave them a inhuman desire to improve their selves and their lot after they get out of prison (if this is done through scare tactics, brain washing, or torture --- I don't care).

Although it seems providing them with a quiet environment does not work .... so I am all out of good ideas on to accomplish the goal of rehabilitation

How do the Japanese do it?


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