Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Debacle that is my life

I called my dad, and he seemed to think I was headed in the right direction in buying a used car.

After the past few days, I can see why people drink heavily. Sunday night my parents called and said that they were coming up. They got in town around 10:00 pm. Monday I spent most of the day waiting around to get my car towed, and spent time with my family while I could. I have discovered that I like my peace and quit at my apartment and that I do not like for it to be disturbed by anyone. It was nice having my family up, but they also move my crap.

Tuesday I went into work, but spent most of my time looking up used car prices. Tomorrow I will be renting a car to go look at cars. I do not know how I am going to get to the car place unless I rent from a place that offers pick up. Which I checked with enterprise rent-a-car, and they were all sold out. Which it figures.

I have some time to play some hardball with some salesmen, but I by no means have all the time in the world to look.


update: I have decided that I will drive anything as long as it is cheap, reliable, not expensive to insure, and does not have horrible gas mileage. This means anything from a station wagon to a minivan to a two door compact. We will see what happens.

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