Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Heh heh

Suspect faces hearing in killing, theft of fetus

Theft? Why not kidnapping? I though once the kid was out of the womb it was a small child. I guess since this fetus was cut out of the womb and not birthed naturally it is not a child, but still a fetus.

So that means all children born by c-section are still fetuses....

By the way, Lisa Montgomery the chick that was charged, is very scary. Look at the way she is holding the dog in the picture, JUST LIKE A BABY.

Cnn used the correct terminology in my mind later in the article.

"The charge carries possible sentences of life in prison or death if she is convicted. But Todd Graves, U.S. attorney for the western district of Missouri, said his office had not decided whether to seek the death penalty.

"It's way too early to make that determination," he said.
The baby, named Victoria Jo, was recovered, and her father joined her at a Topeka, Kansas, hospital after Montgomery was arrested Friday night."


update: Blame Bush has said it much better than i ever could have.

Yes, I know the fetus has cute little "baby hands" with cute little "baby fingers" and makes cute little "baby noises", but that doesn't make it any more human than a baby-shaped intestinal parasite. Furthermore, I don't recall this fetus being "born", nor have I read anything remotely hinting that the host organism wanted it to be. She could have been on her way to the abortion clinic for all we know. So lacking a physical birth or any sort of written documentation certifying an intent to carry the pregnancy to term, we must protect a Woman's Right to Choose and err on the side of inhumanity. It's a FETUS, and will remain one until the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals says otherwise.

Unfortunately, that could take years. The fetus could be well into high school before it is deemed "alive" and awarded full human rights. Not quite living, yet not quite dead, this veritible Schrodinger's Fetus would be subject to relentless harassment and teasing all through it's quasi-childhood.


Dave Justus said...

I think you liberal detection radar is a tuned a little too high on this one cube.

I am sure that the reason the headline is written that way is because that is how the story was initially publicized, before anyone knew that the baby had survived.

At that time, all that was known was that a woman had been killed and that her fetus had been cut out of her and been stolen. If the fetus (which is the correct term for what it was when it was in her) had not survived (and that would be a fair guess at the time) then it would be a case of a murdered woman and a stolen fetus (perhaps a second murder as well) but not a kidnapping.

While I hadn't heard of this story before, I am sure that the story had been publicized before the woman was found and that it was known as a killing/theft of fetus case.

You are totally right about the woman looking creepy though.

Cubicle said...

not really, this story is old (like three days ago,on drudge and the like).

I am also not the only one.

Dave Justus said...

Actually the link you refer to confirms my belief that this is simple a mistatment, brought on by what was understood of the original nature of this crime.

Eight months ago a woman was killed and her fetus apparently stolen. There was no reason at the time to believe that the fetus was still alive. A horrific, guesome crime, but not a 'kidnapping'. The police would naturally be looking for the missing dead fetus (and the killer) and that would have been in their minds for several months now. Doubless, due to this nature of this crime, it was publicized locally at least as a murder and theft of a fetus.

Then word comes that the fetus might actually be alive. Obviously, a fetus that is eight months old is a baby. You don't have to be a conservative to believe that. But the policeman who had been looking for a dead fetus makes a statement that the fetus might be alive and a newpaper article has a headline about the fact taht the killing and fetus theft story has reached a certain degree of resolution and you and others are jumping to the conclusion that liberals are trying to redefine fetus to include eight month old babies, doubless in an attempt to allow abortion on children of up to one year old!

Like I said in my first comment, the radar is tuned a bit to sensitive in my opinion.

Cubicle said...

if you will read the blame bush site, he qoutes several sites.

ALL using the term fetus, this is not ONE news outlet, this is a constant and consistant usage of the word to promote a certian world view.

Andrew said...

It's a matter of offering consistent coverage. It *was* being reported as a fetus, everybody else *is* reporting it as a fetus--you would need to be militantly PC to conciously choose to use a different terminology than everybody else has been using to cover this story for all this time.

Since when were you so in favor of being PC at the expense of convenience, clarity, and consistency?

Cubicle said...

just how i like my news...conveint, clear, and total consistant throughout the entire country.