Thursday, December 09, 2004

Nothing to say so i guess i will talk about movies

Last night i treated myself to a movie: The Bourne Supremacy

Lets just say that i started this movie with high hopes, but i was supremely disappointed. They should have left him alone, and not have made another movie.

The movie does start off strong, and i thought Bourne was about to go on a rampage and kill a few hundred thousand people. Alas, that did not happen. This movie instead of being about killing was about NOT killing. For example, the bad Russian secret service agent was left to die, which is a lot different than being killed. Bourne at one time was one of my favorite movie killers, but i am sure that Creasy, in the latest release of man on fire, would kick this once hard ass killer's, butt.

After some cool, looking-through-the-scope-and-you-are-dead-if-i-want-you-to-be-scenes, we start to get some action. Though as the movie goes on, it appears as if Bourne is going out of his way not to kill people. Instead of shooting people he talks to them, he runs away more, and he records more conversations. Bourne ONLY racked up one more kill than the old guy in the movie. The are the same if you count when the old guy killed himself, that was just disappointing.

If you want to see a real you-have-pissed-me-off-so-i-am-going-to-kill-until-i-fell-better-movie, just rent Man on fire.

Or you can rent Love and a Bullet, more people die and you can keep it longer than two days.


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