Wednesday, December 08, 2004


"In a shock joint announcement made this morning in California, Sony Computer Entertainment revealed that it has enlisted erstwhile Xbox GPU partner NVIDIA to help the PlayStation 3 pump the polygons required for the next generation of hardware."

I was certain Microsoft had already chosen another GPU provider for the Xbox 2 . This could have been the reason why, or NVIDIA could have felt a little used, and now they are selling their selves to the highest bidder.

Impressive, the PS3 just took a huge jump in my mind.

The next gen console market just got hot, my friends, real hot (That is not totally true. Sony has just secured thier place in the console market, and the other two are going to be scrambling to catch up.) I am afraid my beloved X box is not ever going to recover from this.



Vestigial Fish said...

ATI is doing the graphics set for Xenon (XBox2). I have always liked ATI's cards, and their Radeon series has performed very well.

Cubicle said...

nvida is better.

naan nan a boo boo.

Vestigial Fish said...

Oh Yeah? Well ATI has... uh... less letters! Yeah! Take that! AND it's a Canadian company! Hahahahah!