Thursday, December 16, 2004


Man this guy as some problems.

It is hard for me to believe that this guy got nominated for the secretary of homeland security in the first place.

One friend has suggested the administration nominated him even though they knew about the problems, they just thought that no one would ask in the spirit of not politicizing the job.

I personally think it was a bait and switch. The nominated Kerik, just to make the next guy look like an angel. It is my bet that bush wants the next guy that is going to be nominated for secretary of homeland security.



Dave Justus said...

I can certainly see how having an illegal alien as a nanny would disqualify someone who was, among other things, going to be in charge of the INS.

However, having an affair doesn't seem to be a disqualifing (although perhaps embarassing) trait. The article doesn't allege that anything at all illegal took place, so what is the big deal here?

Cubicle said...

that was one thing i noticed when i read the article.

It mentioned that he had an affair in an apartment that was donated (by that crazy rich guy in New york, who can carry guns i do not know why they threw that information in) to help 9-11 workers, then rented by Kerik.

Many of the headlines that i have seen made it seem like Kerik was using the apartment while the 9-11 workers were using it but that is not the case. It could be that the press is piggy backing on the actions of this guy removing his name.

I would agree that there was nothing that disqualifed the guy, but his personal life is a mess and his morals seems suspect.

Any man who would cheat on his wife, is a man that i would perfer not to have power. (Yes i know that many people have affairs, that still does not make it right)

Vestigial Fish said...

The main thing is that faults which we tolerate in ourselves we find reprehensible in the people who lead us.

Although I have to admit, the potential head of the INS having an illegal nanny is pretty dang funny *snickers*