Monday, December 13, 2004

Funny story

Today after church, several friends and i went to eat out. One of my friends, i have not seen in awhile (which will call smoky) was with us. Smoky is close to my age, but still in school. He has been busy, and i have been out of town recently for thanksgiving and the like. (You can read about some of my thanksgiving trip here and here.)

So i was catching smoky up on things that had happened in my life. One thing i mentioned was that i took stewardess home to the parents. The other thing i told my friend was that i took my CCW class recently. Another friend (and smoky's ex) was standing there and she said she wanted one. I did not question that statement, because it seems natural to me. She must have felt that she needed to explain herself because she said that she did not feel that pepper spray would do the job well enough. The friend that i am trying to convert and his wife both asked at the same time if she had ever used her pepper spray. The smoky's ex, said YES. I just laughed to myself, because one arguments against guns is that you do not need them.

Well the future convert and his wife wanted to hear the story, which i had already heard from smoky, because i was chilling with him when his ex called him to tell the story. The ex did not want to tell it, because she had told it a million times, but smoky was more than willing to oblige. He told the story to the future convert, his wife, and me. The story is not mine to tell, but it involved the ex's dad in a fight with man who had nearly ran them off the road. The ex had pepper sprayed the punk who had nearly ran her off the road and attacked her dad, but it had no affect what so ever. Well, one of the reasons the punk was mad was because the ex had a Kerry\Edwards feminist sticker on her car. Which if i ever meet the punk, i might just thank him for making that democrat more republican.

Sad part of this story was that i told her how much it cost to take the class and get the CCW license, and she said she did not have the money. Though i am certain that we will go shooting at some point in the future. She is in college, and does not have much cash on hand.


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