Sunday, December 26, 2004

Worst Christmas ever!!!!

Originally my plan for leaving town and taking an entire 12 days over was to leave Thursday after work. Unfortunately, the weather decided to go bad on Wednesday. We got out of work Thursday around 3pm. I decided to spend the night at my apartment instead of trying to drive home when it is dark and the less used roads still are covered in ice.

I had a few friends coming in Thursday night who where going to stay at my apartment before their flight Friday morning. Since I was going to be in town anyways, I decided to carry them to the airport, so they would not have to pay for a taxi. I got them to the airport around 8:00 am, about an hour and half early. The main roads where in good shape, but by no means perfect. There was the occasional patch of ice to slow down for.

After I dropped my friends off, I went to get an oil change and filled up with gas. The oil change went fine, but I had a hard time finding a gas station with gas. The first three I stopped at where out of gas. I guess it makes since not to ship gas when big trucks crash easily. The fourth one only had mid-grade and premium grade gasoline. I filled up and started back to my apartment.

It was around 9:30 or 10 when I was headed back to my apartment. I was getting fairly impatient, and I started driving faster. I was thinking to myself, I only had to go to my apartment, pack up, and then I hit the road. Then I tried to pass someone that was going too slow, and I lost control of my car. I did some spinning out of control and my left rear tire caught the curb. The best way to describe what my tire looks like is that it is not entirely perpendicular to the ground anymore. I am fine. I was going to fast, and by "to fast" I mean I was going around 30 mph.

I was only a few miles from my apartment. I could either hitchhike or try to drive my car to my apartment. I decided to try and get my car to my apartment. The ONLY reason why I was able to drive my car was because it was icy, and the other three tires just pulled the bent one along.

Instead of going home to spend Christmas with my parents, I have spent most of Christmas morning playing Halo. I will be trying to get my car somewhere to be fixed Monday, which could take awhile because I am sure all the owners of the other cars I saw on the side of the road will be doing the exact same thing. I am sure that fate will work against me on all fronts to make it especially hard to fix my car next week.

On of my friends described the roads as a "war zone". I know I saw one car, where I could not figure out how they got 50 feet from the road and over a set railroad tracks, so i guess i am luckier than others.


update: Well I got the car towed Monday. It took about three hours for the truck to get to me, which the guy who towed my car said that some places where telling people Tuesday. I got it into the place and they could not give me an estimate because they guy who gives them was out sick. Tuesday morning the place gives me a call and the estimate is for 1,500 dollars. I expected 1,000. My car is a 1997 hyundai accent, with about 130,000 miles on it. Recently the engine has started burning oil. I am thinking, along with several of my friends that it might be time to cut the car loose. I am going to see how much money i have spent on the car this year, and figure out where i stand.

The car place called me back and said that they would have to order a part from Korea and that it would take ten days for it to get here. They want me to prepay 500 dollars to start work on the car. Effectively i have 10 days to decide what i want to do with my car.

I will entertain suggestions.

So far it has been suggested that i get a 1970's corvette for cheap. I am leaning toward a Toyota echo, new or used (cheap, good gas mileage, and cheap to insure).


Sojourner said...

Sorry Cube, that does sound like a pretty crappy Christmas. It was a wise choice to drive home though, if you had attempted to hitch a ride you would have just frozen to death. Nobody picks them up anymore. At least you saw some good movies and have an xbox!

Cubicle said...

I was only a mile or two from the apartment, i could have walked most of it.

I would have been more afraid of getting hit by an out of control car.

Michael said...

I feel for you cube. Thankfully you were not hurt.