Friday, December 24, 2004


In the last week I have seen "Collateral ", "The Day After Tomorrow", "The Punisher", and "I, Robot".

Collateral was an excellent movie but did not seem to have the punch for the length of the film. The day after tomorrow was an better than average movie. The punisher was ok, but considering that they had made the movie one a 30 million dollar budget, it is excellent work. I, Robot was the best of what I have seen.

My sister said some people thought "I, Robot" seemed unrealistic. I almost laughed, because it is a sic-fi movie. This particular movie is probably more realistic than "the day after tomorrow." unfortunately I when into the movie when that in mind.

One of the problems I noticed, was how the city that the movie was based in (Chicago) had much more infrastructure than the city could have gotten in 30 years. Then it occurred to me that if you had robots doing all the manual labor, then it probably would be possible, especially if the robots where well built and able to do Multiple tasks.

"I, Robot" took you on a detective mission set in the future. It had one of the better, though more basic, plots of the movies that I have seen this week. Of course it is based off of a book written by an excellent author. The contrasts of personalities, robots and human, provided for some great moments.

If you like independence day, I would recommend I, Robot. Will smith plays a similar character and the plot is better.


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